Some information about myself:
Date of Birth2nd of June 1978
QTHDen Haag / The Netherlands (Locator JO22DB)
Tranceivers KenWood TH-D7 , TM-V7 , TS-2000 , Midland Alan 48+ (CB)
AntennasCommet CHA-5 (HF), Midland V2000 (6m/2m/70cm), dummyload (23cm and higher) :-)
Main interrestsComputers (Linux), Packet Radio, Data Communication
Radio-ActiveSince 3rd of July 1996 on CB
  • 7th of April 1999 exam, licence since 2nd of June 1999 (PD4WDH, N Licence)
  • 3rd of November 1999 exam, licence since 20th of November (PE4WDH, C Licence)
  • 12th of December 2000 exam, licence since 27th of January 2001 (PA4WDH, A Licence)
The last one is still in use :-)