The DHCP server can provide dynamically assigned IP addresses to clients. When we use this, we don't need to configure every PC.
The DHCP package can be downloaded from The Internet Systems Consortium, and i say package on perpose ... it contains the client, server and a relay agent. We will only use the server. The current version is 3.0pl2

After compilation, you will find the files in the work.linux-2.2/server directory. In my case it was 3.1 MB, after stripping it's 608 KB, and it doesn't need any libraries that are not available.

I will install dhcpd in /usr/sbin. I allready have a configuration, and telling how to configure is beyond the scope of this document.
We should also create a /var/state/dhcp directory, and there should be an empty file /var/state/dhcp/dhcpd.leases, because dhcpd will use that.

The script to start this will be quite easy. I call it 25_start_dhcp:

echo Starting DHCP server ...

dhcpd > /dev/null