About me and linux

My first linux experiece started somewhere in 1996 i think ... someone installed SuSE 4.3 on my 486 DX4 120 machine :-)
First i didn't really use it, but as soon as i got more familiar with it, i started liking it.
When i changed my PC for a Pentium-133 i ran into problems, becouse of the changed hardware, and some hardware was too new for the kernel.

A few years later, i changed my PC for a Pentium II 233, and still used DOS most of the time. But running good-old DOS on a Pentium II started to sound a bit stlly. So i bought myself a brand-new linux distro .... RedHat 6.0 ... don't ask me why RedHat, it was just a distro i found in a shop :-)
That is the point where i started liking linux really, and linux became my main OS ... sometimes using dos (or the DOS Emulator) for some good old stuff.
Later again i changed my hard drive (for a Quantum Atlas 10K SCSI), and also bought SuSE 7.1 (yeah ! SuSE again :-) ). Reason for the change of distro was clear: More support for amateur radio.
This is still the distro i use ... never really minded upgrading, never change a working thing.

In the mean time, i do everything with linux. I write shell scripts, do programming in diverent languages, etc. For me Linux equals fun :-)