Vsftpd is a Verry Secure FTPd, which i will use to serve some ramdrive space. Just to transfer files i downloaded somewhere else.

You can download vsftpd from vsftpd.beasts.org and is currently at version 1.2.2.

There is no configure script this time. You just have to type make and everything should be fine. After building there should be a executable of 85 KB, and ofcourse stripping helps, but not a lot.

When you check with ldd, you will see that it requires two additional libraries. libpam.so and libcap.so. These are part of the C-Libraries.
For installation i will copy vsftpd to /usr/sbin, and ofcourse the libraries to /lib. The configuration should be no problem (the examples are also excelent).
To start the server i made a very simple shell script and called it /etc/init.d/rc3.d/35_start_ftp:

echo Starting FTP server ...


That should do the trick !