Configure DosEmu

Configuring DosEmu is not as hard as it seems, the biggest problem is that you get FreeDos with it, and I have not tested if that works Ok.
You can create a image using the command mkfatimage16 -k 15000 packet.img, this wil create a 15000 KB file in the current directory with the name packet.img
DosEmu requires the images to be in /var/lib/dosemu, but I put my image file in /home/wesley/packet/common, if you like to do something like that, just create a symbolic link in /var/lib/dosemu to the real file.

Now setup DosEmu to Boot from a bootfloppy (With DOS) and use your image as a Hard Disk
You can do that by editting /etc/dosemu.conf (as root).

Now you kan insert your DOS BOOT disk into your diskdrive and start DosEmu using the command dosemu -A whitch tells it to boot from the floppydrive A:
Now install Dos on your C: drive (Don't forget to format first :-). After that, you will see that there's a D: drive in DOS, that's the freedos image. It contains some tools, you really can't do without. There tools are:

exitemu.comGuess what :-) Exit the DosEmu
emufs.sysRedirect a Linux directory as a DOS drive
unix.exeExecute Linux commands / get Environment variables
xmode.exeSet some X parameters (Window title etc.)

I copied these files into C:\DOS\EMUDOS and apended it to the PATH, very usefull :-)
Now Exit the DosEmu, and edit the /etc/dosemu.conf file again, and remove the freedos image at the $_hdimage setting. Now remove your DOS BOOT disk, and start dos by typing dos, it should boot from your new image.

Zo now you got DosEmu up and Running, you can now start to install and configure a packet program