Configure the Packet program

In DosEmu I use TstHost 1.43c, it runs without any problems. In this document I will discribe how to use this program.
First start DosEmu by typing dos at a console, or use xdos from a xterm in X.
Now you got a normal DOS prompt. The image, created when we configured DosEmu, is (much) too small to install packet programs, and it's not so easy to access it from Linux.

Now we can use the tools copied from the Freedos image to access Linux directory's in DosEmu. The tool to do this is emufs.sys. The usage for the tool is:
DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMUDOS\EMUFS.SYS /home/wesley/packet
in the config.sys if you want to add the linux directory /home/wesley/packet to the DosEmu, and offcourse, if you installed the tools in an other place than C:\DOS\EMUDOS, change it to the location where you put them.

Now exit the dosemu, and start it again, with the new config.sys. And you will see that the directory is assigned to a drive letter. Now you can use that drive to install you packet program(s). If the packet programs ask for a COM-port, give the COM-port you assigned to the serial device where your modem is on, defined in /etc/dosemu.conf

If that's all done, you're ready to Run Packet Radio from your Linux machine !