Building my own Linux router

I tried to build my own linux router, where everything is compiled by myself. I know there are projects that have smaller images, more support etc. This is also ment to learn more about linux's internals.
The reason that i'm making this page is that it might be usefull for someone else to see the problems i found.

The whole story:
About me and linux - How i started with linux
A little history - Why this ?
The kernel - The core of every linux system
Init - The first process started by the kernel
C libraries - We need some libs from here
Bash - And we need a shell
Ncurses - But the shell needs some additional libs
The first ramdisk image - The real basics of the system
Choice: Busybox or coreutils - To add some more functionality to the system
net-tools - To be able to configure the network
Boot-scripts - Things to be done when booting
pppd - For our dial-in internet connection
pptp - I need PPTP to dail in to internet
iptables - I need this to do firewalling and NATing
Second ramdisk image - Now lets add routing functionalicy to it !
(g)awk - To do some scripting
dhcpd - Because that's nice for a home network
inetutils - For telnet and ping
bind - I want my own DNS
mkfs - I want my image to be able to format other ramdisks
rrdtool - I want to measure everything that's going on
thttpd - A small webserver
vsftpd - A Very Secure FTP server

Now lets set up IPv6 !
IPv6 Networking - First we need to setup the network
IPv6 DNS - Now those IPv6 addresses are hard to remember ... here's the DNS
IPv6 FTP - The HTTP server needs no modifications, but FTP does